This past week has made me sit back and reflect on family and great friends.  The reason being we have had a few people, friends of family who have left this world.  While our friends Jim & Marlene brought a new baby girl into this world. Other friends are celebrating milestones such as turning Thirty.  Everything these days seems to happen so quickly.

It is a wonderful thing to be surrounded by great people but are you letting those people know how great they really are? ( This is what I asked myself)

This weekend we will be getting away to slow things down and get back to nature. But, I also plan on letting those great people know how great they really are and how much they mean to me.

I love you, man!! (added humour to lighten this post up!)

What are you up to this weekend? It’s supposed to be a great one so enjoy it!

Our Wonderful and stick loving dog Thunder.

Happy Birthday Shannon!  Now, we are the same age for a few weeks.

Andrew getting in a quick paddle before bed.  This is why we live way out here.

Sending warm thoughts and good vibes to all this weekend. Remember “Safe Home”


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