We met Bryn at the Muskoka Wedding Show this past January and hit it off. She is the women behind An Artisitc Affair an event planning company based out of Muskoka.  We collaborated on a fun winter bridal session and are excited about working together again this wedding season.  A few weeks ago we got together for a little mini session and chat. Here is more about Bryn and the great services An Artistic Affair offers.


 I was raised in Port Carling, Muskoka – having spent 19 + years in “cottage country” I feel as though I could go anywhere or do anything here with my eyes closed!  After my time at the University of Guelph where I studied Hospitality and Tourism, I took a year off and traveled.  It was during this time that I decided I wanted to get into event planning.  When I returned back to Canada, I was hired on at Graydon Hall Manor in Toronto – a very reputable event facility that caters to 100’s of weddings a year.  I spent 3 years hosting high-end events and weddings here, an experience that got me to where I am today. 

What is the average size of weddings you plan, budget, size? Smaller weddings?

The average size of wedding I plan is around 130 guests – give or take a few.  Every wedding has it’s charm – I love the smaller more intimate 40 guest celebrations, but there is also an amazing vibe/electricity at the larger 200 + events.

Couples that hire me for full planning usually have a budget of $38,000+ for their wedding.  Month-of-coordination is also an option for those that don’t have a large budget, but still want to be stress free during the last few weeks before their wedding and on their big day.


What services do you offer?

With respect to weddings, I offer full planning packages, to month of coordination, to hourly consultations.  I like to initially sit down with potential clients to see what it is they are actually looking for and need.  I approach every event and client with the same drive and passion, but realize that everyone is different and I gear my services to their personal needs.


 How does the process work? what way do you find is best to communicate with your clients

I offer everyone a complimentary initial consultation.  I try to do this in person, however; that isn’t always possible for out of town clients or when schedules don’t mesh; Skype or phone is the next best thing.  This first meeting gives the couple a chance to ask me any questionsface     to face (hopefully), and also allows me to see if we have a good rapport off the hop.  In most circumstances we will be working together for over a year, so it’s very important for everyone involved to be 100% on board.

Depending on the level of service we have agreed upon, I may join the couple during vendor meetings, site visits, etc; or, I may keep in touch via email and see them quite infrequently throughout the planning process.


How do I know if I need a planner for my wedding?

Here comes a classic saying… If I had a nickel for every time I heard a recent bride and/or groom say, “If we were to do it all over again, we would, for sure, have hired a planner”, I would be a wealthy lady.   But seriously, it’s true.  Regardless of how organized you think you are, there is always stress, emotion and anxiety that surface when planning a wedding.  There is family politics, guest requests, proper etiquette, budgetary concerns, scheduling, organizing and the list goes on.  I had a bride say to me last year, that having a planner was best thing she could have ever done.


How many clients do you have in a year, and in a month?

I can have up to 4-5 weddings a month – I refuse to do more than 1 wedding a weekend; it wouldn’t be fair to anyone for me to spread myself so thin.  The summer months are always the busiest, with the winter being the slowest for weddings; however, this is when corporate events pick up.


Some of us aren’t aware of the amount of work you do as a wedding planner.  How many hours do you put in for an average wedding?

On average, I spend between 200-250 hours on each wedding I plan.  This includes ongoing client communication, research, vendor communication, site visits, vendor visits, travel time, meetings, rehearsal, and day of coordination.


What do you say when a bride asks, “How much do you cost”?

I don’t have a definite answer for this, as I don’t have any set costs.  I like to meet with every client before they sign a contract with me so I can customize a package that makes sense for them, and only them.


What advice would you give a bride and groom before they pick a planner?

First and foremost, a couple should make sure that they have designated part of their budget to hiring a planner, before they start researching.  They should be prepared to spend $1000+ to hire a professional to help them plan and/or coordinate their wedding.

I also think it is very important that the couple speak with the planner on the phone or in person before choosing one over another.  It is in our genes to ‘shop around’ and I know this is reality.  I actually encourage it.  It is pertinent that you get along with your planner and trust them, just has we (the planner) need to know that we have a good connection with you (the client).  We work pretty intimately for many months and are assisting you to plan an event that the most important people in your life will be attending.  That’s a big deal!


What is the best tip you can give a bride or groom?

Make the process fun, breathe and try to remember that a wedding is the celebration of your love.  Try not to get wrapped up in the politics of the event – do what feels right for YOU!


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